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We have tested and tried all the leading Vancouver Cannabis dispensaries and only provide the highest quality cannabis products.


We research and provide only the highest quality Vancouver Cannabis. Our non-biased review of Vancouver cannabis is guaranteed.


Our Staff are the most knowledgeable in the Vancouver Cannabis community. Trust the staff at Vancouver Cannabis!

Vancouver Cannabis’ Commitment has always been a leader in providing quality, clean cannabis products at reasonable prices. We work with suppliers to ensure quality control and the highest quality cannabis products are delivered to our customers. We would like to thank all of our cannabis partners and suppliers for working with Vancouver Cannabis on this.

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We provide our clients with reviews about the Vancouver Cannabis community. We visit other locations and provide honest, unbiased opinions about the Vancouver Cannabis and Marijuana industry.

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We were sick of using inferior cannabis products. The quality of the Vancouver Cannabis community was never accurate. We are here to help the consumer and to only provide the best!

noun: cannabis
  1. a tall plant with a stiff upright stem, divided serrated leaves, and glandular hairs. It is used to produce hemp fiber and as a psychotropic drug.
    • a dried preparation of the flowering tops or other parts of this plant, or a resinous extract of it ( cannabis resin ), used (generally illegally) as a psychotropic drug, chiefly in cigarettes.
noun: marijuana; noun: marihuana
  1. cannabis, especially as smoked in cigarettes.
noun: weed; plural noun: weeds
  1. 1.
    a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.
    • any wild plant growing in salt or fresh water.
    • informal
    • informal
      noun: the weed
    • informal
      a leggy, loosely built horse.